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driving school instructor


These Driving Courses are designed to provide you with the rules of the road, knowledge to assist you in making better driving decisions, and valuable information on safety and sharing the road with others. It is incumbent upon you, the driver, to respect all traffic laws and other drivers as well. Driving is a vital part of life. It provides you with a means of attaining the necessities of daily living as well as providing you with the added convenience to move about at leisure. The driving experience, however, is a privilege and comes with great responsibilities. We encourage our drivers to strive at becoming a safe and dependable driver to ensure that this privilege is not lost. Driving, the same as life, is a constant learning experience.

The information contained in this course, along with your experience and responsive actions while driving, will assist in protecting you, your family, and other drivers as well.

This Website is not intended to be an official or legal reference to the Louisiana Traffic Laws, It only highlights those laws, driving practices and procedures that you will use most often. It should be noted that the material in this Website is subject to change to comply with amended State and Federal legislations. Remember to buckle up! Safety belts save lives.

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Your child is now a teenager and wants to drive. While driving may be a rite of passage in a young person’s life, driving is not a right. It is a privilege - a privilege that is earned. The biggest question you will ask yourself at this stage in your child’s development is whether your teen is ready and responsible for driving training.

Some teens are ready for this new stage in life; others are not. Every teenager will not be ready to drive the moment he turns 15. As parents, it is your job to keep your children safe. You can do this by truthfully analyzing your child’s potential driving skills as well as his emotional and mental readiness as it relates to driving.

All applicants applying for their first driver’s license issuance must furnish proof of driver education training as required by law. This driver education course may be taken at a public or private institution. Depending upon the age of the applicant, the requirements of the driver education course differ. The driver education course must be completed before making application for the driver’s license.


  • Birth Certificate and Social Security Card OR

  • We now accept TIP cards ONLY for class admission
  • No additional identification required.